Friday, November 2, 2012

i quit my job, y'all.

after thursday's post, it may seem strange, but believe it. i've quit my job as vice president of world-renowned interior design firm laura u and yesterday was the end. today the sky is my oyster and pearls are the limit, or something like that.

in all seriousness, though, as much as it killed me to walk away from a great gig, it was time for me to move on. it's actually BEEN time to move on for a long time, but my love for my coworkers and our clients runs so deep that it was hard to take the leap and say goodbye. i resigned october 1st and every day for the past month has been a continuous series of huge-lump-in-my-throat-don't-cry-don't-cry-go-eat-like-nine-xanax moments. it was really, really tough to leave and i almost changed my mind a million times.

but ultimately, i think there is more out there for me. sugarbears believes in me and in the most humbling way, so do other people? so cross your fingers for me, be-hotches, and stay tuned.

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Raina Cox said...

Nothing but marvelous is coming your way!