Thursday, February 7, 2013

trunk club.

obvs, i am enduring a great personal struggle with my time these days, trying to get the new company website (uh, and online store-yeeps) up and running, while simultaneously also getting the actual company off the ground and handling a surprising volume of clients, all the while maintaining a rigorous mani-pedi schedule. which is why there has been little to zero blogging, which is why i can't even respond to phone calls in a timely fashion, which is why i've enlisted the services of TRUNK CLUB, in order to make sure sugarbear's wardrobe is on and poppin' this 2013. it's pretty much a personal stylist that picks out MAN CLOTHES and mails them to you, and you send back whatever doesn't work. clearly, it's geared toward dudes, but i wear the pants when it comes to the pants b-radical is wearing, so me and amandalynn will be working together on a fresh look for the hubs this spring. headquartered in my previous hood (chicago), trunk club makes it a point to source items from local and smaller clothing/shoe/accessory vendors, so i anticipate seeing some very unique items when trunk numero uno shows up next week. also, if you're a trunk club member, you can make appointments to stop by the actual brick and mortar location in RiNo Chi, to hang out and drink old fashioned's whilst a probably adorable gal attends to your menswear needs. and the place looks like this, so basically, when are we going to chicago?

stay tuned, and feel free to sign up (or sign your man up) for trunk club, because i get some sort of reward for every referral. WINNING. seriously, click here because mama needs a new pair of shoes. for her husband.

corner rawr.

oak street bootmakers.

cozy rawr.

fratelli rossetti wingtips.

cardigan rawr.

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Amanda Tencerova said...

Brilliant! Showing this to the good doctor ASAP!