Tuesday, February 19, 2013

sneak peek: loftacular.

i used to live in a pretty rad loft downtown, during my single, bud light-and-twizzler days, and it was supes sads to leave the space behind (but i moved in with b-rad, so SILVER LINING). fortunately, i've gotten to design several great loft spaces of late, like this one you've seen previously and also one that got photographed on valentimes day, featuring custom wing chairs that are totally the cat's meeeeooooow. just kidding; that cat is glaring, but only because these chairs up 'n stole her catthunder. stay tuned FO MO.


Unknown said...

Omg I love this rug, can you tell me where it's from?! I've been searching everywhere for it lol. Amazing job, I'm decorating my whole apartment based off this work you did!

Unknown said...
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