Tuesday, February 19, 2013

farrow and ball: ocelot.

as a big fan of their paints, i completely stroked out when i saw the preview of new wallpapers by farrow and ball (via their instagram) circa 6 weeks ago. since then, it's been full-on stalk mode.

full-stalk mode, as in, yesterday at my local farrow and ball dealer, i LIT-RALLY went through a box that had just arrived in the mail in order to claim samples of my very own. because i couldn't wait for them to get filed, homies, specifically the ocelot pattern. holy. mother. cow. have y'all seen this yet? i mean like in person? if not, get up and on it, peeps. there are five wonderful colorways and the texture is incredible.

my faves--the darks--have got silver and gold metallic accents, for crying out loud. i'm also a big fan of the way F&B books their papers, showing complimentary paint colors - HOW HANDY, right? so basically, i can't wait to use this paper all over the place.

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