Sunday, June 30, 2013

it's all happening: logo edition.

unbeknownst to the the outside world, things have been cranking away behind the scenes at kristina wilson design (uh, unless the world is following me on instagram, because i spill the beans almost daily over there. follow me on instagram, y'all: kristinawonders). we have been getting the website ready, hiring folks to join the team, planning for a new office, buying giant computers and fancy software that makes life easier, styling epic photo shoots and designing up a storm for amazing clientele. it's a lot of moving parts and these things take time, but i'm pretty jazzed to officially unleash a small part of the action today: the new logo. 
SO GOOD, RIGHT??? i mean, i'm certainly biased, but those snakes are f.i.e.r.c.e. i'm debating between arm band or tramp stamp, but regardless, these snakes are going to make one sick tattoo. 

what's weird is, i've constantly had dreams about snakes (and flying, but you know... off-topic), which have increased considerably since starting this business. aside from being the year of the snake, snake dreams, as it turns out, represent the dreamer's creative urge toward wisdom and indicate that the previous day's activities were involved some sort of creative pursuit (at least according to the internet). 

so snakes = creativity, which is both awesome and a rad coincidence, because you know i just happened upon that shit post-logo. more ferocity and coincidence headed your way soon, folks, so stay tuned.

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