Thursday, June 13, 2013

just chill till the next episode.

hey girl heeeee-eeyyy. i'm not just covered up with amazing interior design projects these days, i'm also throwing back-to-back baby showers and rescuing stray dogs and selling a house and buying a new house and said new house may or may not be super old and full of termites and maybe it needs a gut renovation anyway? IT IS MY DREAM HOUSE Y'ALL. the goal is to be back on some sort of regular-ish blogging schedule soon, says my new marketing consultant, who is also going to oversee the launch of my new website, because that shit is almost ready to drop but will take me another seven months if i have anything to do with it.

so there is a lot going on, allegedly.

in the meantime, here is a video that everyone probably saw like three months ago, but is new to me and i've only watched it like seventeen times today, but only because it is funny and relaxes me and not because i've got a strange news-crush on brian williams (I DON'T, HE'S GROSS AND TOTALLY DID NOT STEAL MY HEART WHEN HE HOSTED SNL A FEW YEARS AGO).

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