Wednesday, February 3, 2010

munchausen by proxy & and zooey deschanel.

i've hinted before of my undying love for zooey deschanel, but my girl crush just intensified... aside from being stylish and adorable, homegirl also has some pipes and has managed to get completely immersed in all things music. first of all, zooey teamed up with musician m. ward under the band name she & him. last year, she married one of the best musicians of our TIME (ben gibbard of death cab for cutie, the postal service and about ten other bands). confused yet? i found out about a fake band she's a part of, called munchausen by proxy, which is/was a collaboration with a band called von iva for zooey's movie YES MAN (sidenote: no one actually saw that movie, right? and who the hell is picking these movies for zooey, anyway? except for 500 days of summer, they all BLOW. end sidenote). anyway, MBProxy recorded some songs (i think five total, if you count the star-spangled banner), and you can thank your lucky stars that all of them are on youtube. the outfits alone make it worth watching the videos and i'm DEFFO going to need the flamingo and big bird outfit come halloween. audrey-want to do another halloween as feathered friends?

sweet ballad:

yes man:


star-spangled banner:

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

I saw this movie while I was in Japan - we rented it at our hotel. I LOVED it. But only because a) it was in English, and b) Zooey D was ADORABLE and charming and lovely (as per usual). The rest of the movie blew. Especially the plot.