Sunday, May 23, 2010

heart it races.

i love this song, which i did not know was originally by architecture in helsinki until i went to purchase the dr. dog version. in case you had not yet heard that i enjoy the musical stylings of one dr. dog, catch up here. anyhow, i bet you'll like it too, so hear (typo and it stays) it is for your listening pleasure. i will, however, take the opportunity to point out once more how they are trying to conceal a) how tiny those lead singers are and b) how giant that other dude is in the photo below. NICE TRY, DR. DOG.also feel free to do a personal comparison of the dr. dog and architecture in helsinki version here. full warning, though: if you were ever involved in SING SONG at my alma mater, the AIH video will make you really kick yourself at missing out on a golden idea.

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