Friday, February 12, 2010

shoes i need: seychelles veronica.

thanks to that joint bank account i insisted we have, my expenses are all now track-able through an app on brad's iphone. in order to purchase items that fall outside the realm of NECESSITIES, i have to come up with quality reasons and explanations to justify my shopping. lest you think my FH is a control freak, i should mention that the app to monitor my spending is something i unfortunately brought upon myself after an event i like to call What Happened One Day At Anthropologie. experience tells me that THEY ARE ADORABLE and would match my yellow purse is not enough reasons. perhaps someone will decide they want to spoil me with a really amazing present, like the time i put my christmas list on here, and a serger showed up under the christmas tree. for the record, i wear a size 9.5 and you can get a better look here. they are also available at nordstrom. {seychelles veronica via zappos}

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

My god. The cuteness! Seychelles make such great shoes...grey + any bright colour is a killer combination. Too bad I'm broker than broke.